Autonomy Interwoven Announces Multichannel Optimization

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As we said earlier today, it’s a non-stop flow of news from Autonomy (news, site) so what’s one more?

This post’s news hails from the Meaning Based Marketing side of things. Introduced earlier this week, the new module is called Autonomy Interwoven Multichanel Optimization, and reportedly combines the capabilities of Web content management, contact center, and advanced analytics.

According to the company release, the new module provides organizations with three primary capabilities:active “listening” across all customer interactions, testing across all formats of customer interactions and delivery of a targeted customer experience based on understanding.Autonomy claims this translates to organizations being able to respond to all forms of customer interactions across multiple channels including social media, the Web, contact center, email and in-store.

The module comes after areport by Forrester Research, which found U.S. online consumers who move from channel to channel are largely dissatisfied with their experiences.

Learning Opportunities

“Regardless of which pairs they start with, customer experience professionals need to design experiences that provide users with the three C's: choice, consistency, and continuity,” Adele Sage, Forrester analyst and author of the report wrote.

Will Autonomy’s new module provide the missing link? Follow our coverage closely here and tell us what you think.