Be a Pal, Help IKS Bring Semantic Technologies to CMS
Attention all CMS vendors, IKS (news, site) is inviting you to take part in a survey for evaluating their product's coverage of features, particularly with respect to semantic capabilities. 

"Current CMS benchmarks are very diverse and only few of them give adequate coverage to novel semantic technologies which are being adopted in the market." explained team IKS. The European IKS project (“Interactive Knowledge Stack”) aims at bringing semantic technologies to CMS."

The survey, which takes approximately 25 minutes to complete,  is designed to evaluate current semantic capabilities based on research done within the IKS project. 

Learning Opportunities

IKS promises to keep your data confidential unless you agree to have it published. Furthermore, you can opt to have data published in a forthcomingbook on CMS and semantic technologies, and you'll receive individual survey assessment compared with anonymised overall results.

Check it out here