Clover Content CMS Implements Full Blogging Capabilities
There's never a time to sit still and enjoy the fruits of our labour. So it is for you, me and Clover Content (news,site). Officially launched at the beginning of December last year, new functionality has recently been added to the web content management system in the form of a fully enabled blog.

Extended Blogging Functionality

According to Clover Content CMS owner, Don Fitzsimmons, they have been working hard to improve the web content management system. As a result, they have evolved their news list into a full featured blog.


Clover Content Blog

The new blogging functionality can easily plug into an existing website, taking on the look and feel of that website. Additional enhancements include:

  • Permalinked posts with unique title tags (for SEO friendliness) 
  • DISQUS comments for each post
  • Configurable posts-per-page where users can configure how many posts appear on the front page
  • RSS feeds for the blog with links to each post

Clover Content - Blog Comments

And That's Not All That Is New

Along with the new blogging capabilities, the Administration interface has been improved based on customer feedback. Fitzsimmons says that the goal for Clover Content is to really listen to their customers and update Clover Content often based on this feedback.


Clover Content Administration

They are also looking into how they can add Flickr and Picasa images to a website through the Clover CMS.

You can have a read through our review of Clover Content and take a run through their website to see detailed feature lists and more.