Bitrix Offers ASP.NET version of Web Content Management System

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Bitrix Offers ASP.NET version of Web Content Management System
Hooked on Microsoft or just tied into ASP.NET? Bitrix (news, site) comes to your aid with its new Site Manager CMS in just your flavor.

What's Your Flavor?

Bitrix has been going great guns with its existing PHP-based Site Manager Web CMS. But, all too aware that there are plenty more flavors out there, it has come up with an ASP.NET version. Ideal for those locked into a Windows .NET environment, it parallels much of its brother's feature set but without the need for any of that nasty Linux stuff.


Bitrix Site Manager ASP.NET Main Module

The ASP.NET version of Site Manager comes with the full bundle of tools; there's a core design and layout module, individual modules to help create content, forums, blogs, photo galleries and handle search and advertising. Each module offers a no-fuss method of adding the required content.


You want a photo gallery? No problem with Bitrix

Cracking the Code

For those in charge of creating and maintaining the system, there is the ORM (Object Relational Mapping) system to enjoy. This is a programming technique that helps developers avoid writing lots of repetitive code, speeding up efficiency and accuracy as it handles the dull tasks like creating SQL requests.

Old-school coders can write in HTML if they wish, while the rest of us can use the Visual Editor to create pages and add content.  Also, AJAX can be used to add interactivity and improve performance. An adaptive interface system tries to minimize the confusion of development by showing only information you need, keeping popular selections at the top of menus and automating routine tasks.

Learning Opportunities

With the inevitable 30-day trial, you can download and give Site Manager ASP.NET a whirl now and pay for one of the various commercial options that suits your organization's needs later.

Requirements are Windows XP Pro or higher, SQL Server 2005 or higher and ASP.NET 2.0 or higher.

To make its launch a little more memorable, the commercial versions are currently available with 40% to 60% discounts until November 30. Expect further updates and new Web 2.0 components via Bitrix's SiteUpdate system.