Bitrix Site Manager new version 6.5
It's only been 7 months since Bitrix released it's last version of Site Manager CMS, so these guys are on a roll continuing the expansion of their Web 2.0 empire. The newest version just released - Site Manager CMS v6.5 - adds even more Web 2.0 tools to the ever increasing functionality of the CMS.They must really eat their wheaties for breakfast in Alexandria, VA, because the functionality being built into the Site Manager Web Content Management System (WCM) so quickly is impressive. This newest release boasts a number of new features:

Web 2.0

* Tag Cloud: An enhancement to the search module, tag clouds can be used to find information in news, forums, blogs, documents, and any other site content. * Web Services: To assist with the integration of external applications and data, developers can now utilize Web Services or create new ones to provide a comprehensive view of information. * AJAX: AJAX is now in both the Control Panel and the public section. * Forums and blog communities

Site Configuration Wizards

* The ability to create a new web site according to specific task requirements (i.e. Web 2.0 site) * Provides non-technical users with a set of wizards to set up and configure their site * The ability to select layout,design, colors and basic startup data * e-Store configuration wizard enables the selection of invoice templates, payment systems, and delivery services

Gradual Update System

* A new gradual model of system update - not a full system update now, but a modular one. * Enhanced system performance * Improved user interface Existing software users will need to upgrade to the update system. After that, they can install new module versions without affecting the entire application.

Delivery Service Automation

* Extension of the eStore functions * Updated Payment Systems * Automatic delivery service handlers supporting a wide range of services like UPS, DHL, and AmEx

Extensions to Access Permission Policy

* Updated access permission assignment system now includes access and action levels * Access levels are comprised of a set of allowable actions and are attached to module or user group

Quoting Disc Space for Project

* Impose quotas on database size and disk space * No quotas on cache or system kernel Take a look at the Bitrix website for a complete list of new/updated features. Note that users of version 6.0 and previous versions can update their systems using SiteUpdate to version 6.5.