Bitrix Site Manager Now Comes in More Flavors

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Bitrix Site Manager Premium or Ultimate editions
Web CMS vendor Bitrix announced new editions of Bitrix Site Manager for managing enterprise portals, media portals, large e-stores and other sites with high traffic or content volume.You can now choose from the Bitrix Site Manager Premium or Ultimate Editions -- both touted as “robust and proven technology frameworks.”

Who Can Benefit From the Offerings?

These editions are most likely to be appropriate for the following scenarios:* Information sites that carry massive amounts of content like articles, pictures, video, etc.* Broadcasting and media portals that need continuous updating* Social networking portals with high traffic and frequent content updates* E-commerce sites that are mission critical in terms of traffic and financial transactions* Intranets that require ease of usability

New Editions' Features

Some of the highlights of these specific editions are:* Fail-safe under high loads: Designed for high traffic and high data transactions, the Premium and Ultimate Editions cater to simultaneous visitors accessing the same piece of content, like a media file or an article, or even downloading them. The database is capable of creating thousands of tables and records which can be backed up automatically for a highly fail-safe environment. * High security: Built using proven platforms like Oracle, MS SQL, etc., these editions provide extensive security for data protection and information security.* Resolution time: Bitrix promises “an unbeatable 24 X 7 support infrastructure” that responds within 120 minutes. * Exhaustive workflow: Workflow management processes are designed to optimize database queries.* Single-click e-commerce portal: The Ultimate Edition caters to business critical functions like payment gateways and online accounts. * Advertising and sales: These editions have dedicated modules to allow integration of page space with different types of adverts. * Site analysis tools: These editions come with a suite of Site Analysis tools that cater to the site’s content consumption, usage, search engine optimization, linking, etc.

Bitrix is Going Strong

Not always, but quite often, the sheer fact of a CMS vendor appearing in the media every now and then can be interpreted as a sign of product stability and longevity. We certainly can’t complain about the lack of news from Bitrix. Last time we’ve heard from the Web CMS vendor Bitrix was when it was made a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner with competencies in ISV/Software. A little before that, we metaphorically referred to Bitrix as a vendor that never sleeps due to its high activity with Bitrix Site Manager updates and enhancements. Surely, it won’t be long until we hear from Bitrix again. And we will keep you posted when we do.