Bitrix Site Manager 7
Not happy to sit idle, Bitrix has released another new version of it's Site Manager Content Management System. Version 7 promises even more Web 2.0 capabilities and boasts a multi-lingual platform that is stable and secure.We are all for keeping products up to date with the latest technologies and functionalities. But one does have to wonder if there comes a time when you need to slow down a bit and let your customers get use to one version before they have to upgrade to the next. Bitrix Site Manager CMS v7 has been released just five months after the v6.5 release -- which by the way was released roughly 7 months after v6. We are complaining about the functionality and other improvements that are coming out, we just wonder how customers feel about major releases so close together.

Bitrix Site Manager v7 Features

There appears to be a number of new features in this release:* Windows-style User Interface: An improved UI separates content editing from design work. The navigation appears intuitive and very similar to a Windows interface. Editing occurs in pop-up windows.* Native UTF-8 Support: Bitrix now supports UTF-8 which enables you to develop your site in a number of languages Arabic, Chinese, Japanese and more. This is one of the biggest improvements for this version.* Multi-user Photo Gallery: Enhancements to the Photo Gallery include a new interface and multi-user capabilities, multiple photo upload, private and public photo galleries, commenting, slide show, thumbnail and full image views, ratings and tag clouds.* Advanced WYSIWYG Editor for In-place Content Editing: The editor opens in a pop-up windows and is said to be much more user friendly.* Easy-to-follow Wizards: A few new wizards to get your site up and running quickly including an Installation Wizard, e-store wizard and wizards for creating and editing new pages* Enhanced Blogs and Forums: Blogs now have a WYSIWGG editor and Forums support UTF-8 and have new installation technology and components.* Authentication Support: OpenID and LiveID are now supported

Sample wizard - Create New Page


Sample - Edit Page

New Site Manager Product Editions and Pricing Policy

There are two new editions of the Bitrix Site Manager CMS: Premium and Ultimate. These are in addition to the five versions they currently have. * Premium: Includes everything in the Professional version plus a new Performance Monitor module, AD/LDAP and workflow capabilities* Ultimate: Includes everything in the Enterprise version plus the Performance Monitor module and AD/LDAPThe Performance Monitor module enables organizations to closely monitor and control site loads. Both new versions will also support MySQL, MS SQL Server and Oracle databases. MySQL will also be supported in all other versions of the product.To go along with the new product versions, a new pricing policy will be put in place at the end of July. Prices will now range from US $249 for the Starter Edition to US$ 2399 for the Enterprise Edition. The Premium Edition will run you US$ 4990 and the Ultimate Edition costs US$9990. You can view a detailed product edition comparison on their site.You can test drive the Site Manager CMS with a 3 hour online test drive to see if the standard functionality meets your needs and the improvements are as good as Bitrix claims. The interface is definitely clean and easy to understand, so we think you will be happy with this latest version from a usability standpoint. Check it and tell us what you think.