When we last covered Blogo, almost a year ago, the weblog editor for Mac OS had just released support for Joomla and added Google Translate to both the blog editor and Twitter client. But that was version 1.2.6.

Recently, Blogo released version 1.3, which features a slew of updates designed to make blogging more dynamic and engaging.

Tumblr, Wordpress & Twitter

The new version allows users to post text, images, videos, links, quotes and conversations to Tumblr blogs from a single, unified interface. Blogo boasts that it’s one of the first weblog editors to take advantage of the recent Tumblr API updates. As a result Blogo allows users to save drafts, queue posts for publishing at a later date and set a custom slug for the post URL.

WordPress users can also benefit from the new updates. They can use Blogo to create and edit pages on their blogs using the same rich-text editor that they use to edit posts.


Blogo v.1.3 lets wordpress users update their blog from a similar rich-text editor

In addition, Blogo 1.3 has made significant updates to its Twitter client, including a full interface redesign, the addition of Posterous, an alternative to Twitpic and other Twitter photo sharing apps and the ability to load more posts by scrolling to the bottom of the list.

Other features let users retweet posts directly through the new retweet API via the contextual menu, while a new tab displays retweets of the user's own updates. A contextual menu item allows the user to retweet directly using the new API.


Blogo v.1.3 includes many updates to its Twitter client, including the ability to retweet posts directly through the new retweet API via the contextual menu.

Blogo Bonuses

Other features included in version 1.3 allow users to use goo.gl as a URL shortening option, performance enhancements to the Google Translate feature and support for the "read more" tag in Blogger to separate the summary from the full post.

Blogo is available for Mac OS X 10.4 and up as a 21-day unlimited trial, and can be purchased at the Brainjuice store for US$ 25.