eZ Systems appoints McElroy to North America
eZ Systems continues its big push in North America. The Norwegian based open source web content management company has been on the move in North America, particularly in the U.S. over the last three months. And they have nabbed a former RedDot exec to help run their team.

Beefing Up the North American Team

eZ Systems (news, website) has announced that Todd McElroy, formerly of Reddot, as well as Arbortext and BEA, will be appointed Managing Director North America. While at Reddot, McElroy was Director of Channels and Alliances and was responsible for building partnerships and fostering expansion. With nearly 10 years experience in the industry and a track record that shows efficiency in software company growth, McElroy brings extreme value to eZ Systems.

As the Managing Director, McElroy will oversee all North American operations for eZ Systems. Considering the response they have received in North America, McElroy could have his work cut out for him --in a good way. According to McElroy, “Knowing this market very well, I am convinced that eZ has a fantastic potential in the US and my first weeks at eZ confirm that impression.”

eZ Systems Grows Despite Economy

eZ Systems U.S. expansion began back at the end of 2008 with the opening of an office in Chicago with Bard Farstad leading the way. The expansion came as a result of a failing economy and the resulting push for open source options in the U.S. in particular as businesses began to flounder and fall. eZ Systems was also receiving a number of new requests from across North America.

Farstad has this to say in regards to the response seen in North America so far, “We have never received such enthusiastic interest in the first 90 days of a new market segment like we have in the North America. Our Enterprise Open Source business model seems to attract enterprises willing to reduce costs without compromising on the presence of a strong software vendor”

eZ Systems’ North American move comes shortly after opening a new office in Japan and developing new partnerships with Gold Partner Mitsue-Links. The new Japan office is aimed at increasing marketing activities and train Japanese eZ partners.

Despite the tough global economic times, eZ Systems CEO Aleksander Farstad is confident about their place in the open source world. With the establishment of eZ System's North American office and the addition of an office in Japan, eZ Systems seems determined to enter and build new markets.