Caribou CMS 2.1 Improves Licensing Model

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Caribou CMS 2.1 Improves Licensing Model

Caribou CMS (news, site) is now in v2.1. The main change from the previous release is in regards to the way the CMS vendor is now handling multiple licenses, as well as some new features.

In the past, you couldn’t have users with multiple active subscriptions to the same Caribou CMS package. Meaning that, every time you would want to buy a second license, it would be treated as an extension of the existing subscription and of the license you bought previously. But that is now history. Users now are free to have multiple license subscriptions at US$ 29 per month.

E-xact payment gateway integration is a brand new feature and allows subscribers to add E-xact eCommerce functions to their accounts. Caribou CMS includes a variety of other third-party payment gateway integrations as well, including PayPal.

Learning Opportunities

The changelog shows that several bugs were fixed in 2.1, including:

  • Nullified basket at checkout with "caribou" theme
  • Not so tidy arrays in the e-mailed form results (In the previous release other forms bugs were fixed.)
  • Inability to stop the post-load animation from throwing off your clicks
  • Inability to store link problems in dynamically-generated menus

In addition to that, Caribou CMS now offers 64-bit compatible libraries. If you want to give Caribou CMS a try, a download is available here. Once you do, take a minute to share your thoughts with us.