CMS Made Simple Hits 750,000 Downloads

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Since its launch in 2004, CMS Made Simple (news, site) has hit the three quarters of a million mark with more than 500 copies of the latest version being downloaded per day.

Big Numbers Made Simple

CMS Made Simple is a PHP-based project, licensed under GPL, with an ever-growing community of users. Okay, there is no word on how many of those 750,000 downloaders are still using the open source CMS. But, for five years of work, it is good to see any community continue to be rewarded for its efforts.

The last big update was version 1.6, launched back in July, offering improved themes and content types, reworked access permissions and many back-end changes. Recent sub-releases taking it up to version 1.6.6 have been primarily bug fixes.

Learning Opportunities

Where Next, Not So Simple

One of the many comments in response to the news was "It's been making my life simpler since 2005. Thanks for the hard work and I hope you continue to get the attention and respect you deserve." However, the big question is what has CMSMS got up its sleeves that will attract the next 250,000 downloaders and take it over the million mark?

Upcoming for version 1.7 are planned support for SQLite and ADOdb, the database abstraction library for PHP. A revamp of the menu manager to support recursive menu templates, modules that can have bulk content templates and short URL support are also on the list.

But, its not all plain sailing, as the project's Wikipedia page had recently been marked for deletion, which perhaps highlights just how pro-active and hardworking communities have to be to make their products stand out from the crowd.