CMS Made Simple (news, site) keeps rolling out the updates with custom URLs, jquery and other additions.

Reaching Maturity

Due for release sometime this month, the latest update to open source CMS, CMS Made Simple offers a number of updates, tweaks and fixes. The package, which celebrated a million downloads a couple of months ago is in a state of regular refinement, but this update packs in a couple of major changes.

Improve SEO

The main change is the addition of custom URLs for each page of content. This will help sites boost their SEO rankings and allow for more detail in page titles. Titles can be as short or as long as needed (within limits) and it works alongside the existing page id/alias system. To help show this information, there is a new "url" column, and page alias column in the listcontent screen.

Support for JQuery

The other big change is the replacement of scriptaculous with jquery, the speedy JavaScript library that should allow for easier coding and interaction with other libraries. Obviously much coding is down to the developer's preference but CMSMS team think that scriptaculous has been a pain to them and the switch will make things easier.

Under the Hood

Other changes include a new switch to enable or disable WYSIWYG editing for content, particularly blocks that contain code where you don't want WYSIWYG. CMS Made Simple's drag and drop reordering feature has been overhauled to allow complete reordering of objects.

Developers have a few new tricks to play with including "create_url" to create links without passing lots of parameters around and a callback method to create a "pretty_url" to refine ugly looking links. The IsValidRoute feature that was introduced in version 1.8 has been refined along with plenty of other tweaks and fixes.

Timezone Fixes

Some users have had trouble with timezone settings in CMSMS, which have now been fixed. When making a new install, users now get to choose the right timezone (there have also been some other fixes to the installer, making reinstallers easier and silent creation of config.php). That data goes in a new config entry that is used for all time-based calculations in the app, and should solve any issues users were having.

The update should be available for download soon, you can read more detail on the update contents here and will find it on the home site when it is released into the wild.