Open Source CMS Made Simple Reaches One Million Downloads

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CMS Made Simple (news, site) Web CMS keeps rolling out the updates to its growing audience that recently hit the seven-figure mark.

Things On the Horizon

With an alpha of the upcoming version 2.0 Web CMS due for release, what better way for CMSMS to blow its own trumpet by registering its millionth user.

With a focus on doing things the easy way, CMSMS is an open source, modular system with its own API allowing anyone to create their own website or for developers to create complex and stylish sites and content.

Currently up to version 1.8.2, the recent releases have consisted of bug fixes and polishing to improve the experience for users.Version 2.0 will pack in a lot of new features includinga code rewrite to improve speed and scalability, improved API with jQuery implementation, new templates and PHP 5.2 support.

Learning Opportunities

Keeping Things Simple

From the FAQ that remembers to explain exactly what a CMS is, to highlight what the package can and cannot (or rather, isn't designed to do), everything about CMSMS is written and explained in an engaging and plain to understand style. With a wide range of neat themes, users can create sites in short order and then go about customizing them as they develop their skills.


A CMSMS template

Primarily designed for company sites, it can be used to create a simple presence with little technical knowledge or for great data-heavy designs by coders and designers using the free open source tools. Each module comes with its own help and each tag's functionality is also explained helping users understand what they are creating.

See the Future

European users can see more of the upcoming version at the product's annual shindig, Geek Moot 2010 from the 15-17 September. Further down the line, beyond version 2.0, users can expect the addition of complex content types, smart admin panels and multiple content support for each content block.