In a collaboration with the Center for Applied Special Technology, the RFB&D has launched Learning Through Listening, a site for educators with students experiencing unique setbacks. The site was put together with NetReach's web CMS cmScribe, keeping the site's information fully compliant with Section 508 of the US Rehabilitation Act and the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines presented by the W3C. Yes, even educators have a compliance line to walk.The RFB&D, or Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic, represents the nation's educational audiobook library for students that have trouble reading standard print on account of learning disabilities, or visual impairment. Learning Through Listening is a resource site for educators seeking to integrate specialized listening skills into their curricula. “My background in educational research made it particularly gratifying for me to participate in a project like this that addresses different learners needs,” says NetReach VP Stephen Bouikidis. "In order to perform to the stringent specifications for accessibility compliance that both RFB&D and CAST required for this project, cmScribe [...] was rigorously tested and retested using Watchfire® Bobby to ensure programmatic compliance with WC3 and Section 508 of the Americans with Disabilities Act.” cmScribe was built on the Microsoft .NET 2.0 platform. A customized Curriculum Builder was added to the solution for helping deliver and manage lesson plans, which were grouped and later rendered searchable by subject and grade level. And standalone audio and video content were made easily accessible via the cmScribe toolset. For visitors using text readers or other vision-assisting technology, the site included alt tags on imagery and form controls. The RFB&D serves almost 200,000 students the nation over, ranging from kindergarten through 12th-grade. It boats a collection of digitally recorded textbooks under its AudioPlus label, for use as easily-navigable learning tools among disabled children. That means keeping up with the joneses, technology-wise, is a big issue. That cmScribe was selected for the info-rich resource site speaks volumes for its scalability and ease-of-use. Take a look at NetReach's cmScribe - it may prove helpful for your web CMS travails.