CMS.RAPID for Microsoft CMS
Announced today, the v1.1 release of CMS.RAPID hits the Internets, touting some impressive new features and a much improved SharePoint Portal integration story. CMS.RAPID enhances the core functionality of the Microsoft Content Management Server (MCMS) and provides a framework that enables web application and content management extensibility.RAPID is built entirely in .NET and sits on top of Microsoft Content Management Server 2002 (MCMS). It works with both Standard and Enterprise Editions of MCMS and provides enhancements over and above the core product while leveraging all the assets and capabilities of the Microsoft CMS platform. Notable Features & Fixes in v1.1 include: Membership * ASP.NET 2.0 membership provider implemented on ASP.NET * Ability to create user accounts and store user details and preferences and personalization data * Role base security model (ability to protect MCMS channels via member role) Share Point Integration * Display WSS lists in RAPID control, including document libraries * Share Point Web parts ** List RAPID postings ** View a RAPID page fragment Developer Features * Enhanced debugging * Enhanced extensibility * Extended XHTML (Tidy lib) support * Additional Web services interfaces * MCMS connected pages now supported * Improved logging support (DebugView) * EXSLT support * New RAPIDOrange site with Membership enabled * New RAPIDSPS RAPID and SPS site Performance & Caching * Caching can now be controlled at a RAPID control level For those already familiar with CMS.RAPID and Artemis Corp, the producer of RAPID, you may also note that there's a new guy behind the wheel. Jan Holloway has replaced Nick Mayhew as the RAPID product manager. Nick did an excellent job of launching RAPID and building the initial community momentum. Jan has a solid background with similar activities, and by the looks of it, is diving in heads first. CMS.RAPID is available for download from the CMS.RAPID website. Most of the v1.1 enhancements mentioned are available today, however the SharePoint WebParts and the SPS example site will be following in the next 10 days or so.