French-American based Commerce Guys announced today an influx of US$ 5 million in Series A funding led by European venture firms Alven Capital, Espoo and ISAI.

A New Home

With the funding, the company behind Drupal Commerce announced plans to nearly double its current staff of 37 with an additional 30 members. The new hires will be split 50/50 between the company's US offices and European locations in Paris and the UK. The company's US operations are in San Francisco and Jackson, MI.

A Growing Proposition

This expansion could be the next step for Commerce Guys, whose open source framework is currently used by 10,000 sites worldwide and counting. The company currently balances both sides of the coin, pushing Drupal as the solution to Enterprise’s e-Commerce needs, while acting as a sponsor to past DrupalCons and providing patches to the greater Drupal open source community.

Drupal Commerce currently runs on the Drupal 7 platform, promising the flexibility that the multiple modules the Drupal community have built and the all important security for enterprise needs. It is a one step solution, though the complications that come with any custom built Drupal site can apply.

Will companies move past the myths of Drupal and embrace the open source framework as the solution to their Web CMS needs? Three firms are betting yes to the tune of US$5 million.