Show Acquia (news, site) the money, and it'll be nothin' new. The commercialized cure-all for the Drupal publishing system has raised a whopping US$ 8million in their second round of venture capital funding, according to a recent SEC filing.

The sizable chunk of moolah is just an addition to their nest egg, as the company scored US$ 7million back in December, during round one. First time around funders included North Bridge Venture Partners, Sigma Partners and O’Reilly AlphaTech Ventures. Said Dries Buytaert, founder of Drupal and co-founder of Acquia, "The funding allows us to quickly bring together a world-class team, rent office space, buy equipment, etc. Starting a great company is not cheap, especially if you have big dreams and plans."

The million dollar improvement certainly reflects well of the company, and we presume new CEO Tom Erickson (the "world domination" guy) is especially pleased. Before replacing Acquia co-founder Jay Batson in March of this year, Erickson was an active participant as a member of the Advisory Board.

Another increase in numbers includes the amount of funders. While Acquia saw three generous hands last December, a reported total of four reached out in March. The money is said to be for working capital.

Will Acquia divide and conquer? If things keep going the way they are, then we think some serious domination is definitely within reach.