Monday Consulting's Webforms plugin adds survey, purchase orders, registrations and contact requests functionality to the CoreMedia CMS.

Plugin Features

The Webform plugin module provides CoreMedia CMS users the ability to integrate existing layouts as the design of the forms using the CoreMedia template system. With the form editor toolbar added to a website, users have access to form elements. Complex form element fields, such as password fields and captchas, as well as CoreMedia CMS content and input fields, check boxes, buttons and lists can also be included.

The plugin also offers integration with CoreMedia Studio elements, such as drag-and-drop and integrated preview. CoreMedia Studio, "a Web-based environment for business users to access their content ecosystem and create relevant Web business rules," is new in CoreMedia 6.

The new plugin is compatible with CoreMedia CMS 2005 and above.

CoreMedia CEO Gerrit Kolb says the Webforms plugin will help users design their Web properties to be as individual and appealing as possible without needing to switch between multiple systems. Monday Consulting CEO Dirk Schrödter says the plugin installs quickly and provides a clearly structured user interface to help users create simple or complex forms more easily.


Headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, with offices in San Francisco, London, and Singapore, CoreMedia provides Web CMS software. Earlier this month, the company announced its integrated mobile device preview capability, which was a result of the company's partnership with Sevenval.

Gartner listed CoreMedia as a Visionary in the 2011 Web Content Management Magic Quadrant.