Anyone who has ever combed through the help files provided with many software programs knows that it can often be a frustrating experience. The search results are usually too generic or it takes too much trolling to finally pin down the answer you’re looking for.

Author-it Software Corp. (news, site) is now offering a solution called Author-it Assist, designed to help users help themselves.

Customized Help

ASC is a developer of authoring, content management, publishing and localization software. Essentially, Author-it Assist enables organizations to create and personalize their own help content for any third-party software application.

Enterprises can deploy the software to create user help guides and publish them in-house. Addressing frequently asked questions as they arise, increases work-flow productivity and user satisfaction, according to ASC.

IT, for example, could use this app to create help content specifically designed for high-value roll outs and upgrades, thereby reducing upfront training and streamlining the amount of time it normally would take for users to get up to speed.

Author-it Assist Features

Creating user assistance in Author-it Assist is a simple matter of dragging and dropping hyperlinks between applications, with no coding or programming experience required. The application works in Windows and Web environments and plugs into third-party applications such as SAP, Oracle and Microsoft Dynamics CRM.


It’s compatible with output from Author-it, Flare and RoboHelp, and Learning Management System, SharePoint and Knowledgebase, among others.

Author-it Assist can also be used with Author-it Aspect, which together form the Author-it Dynamic Assistance Platform. The Author-it Dynamic Assistance Platform is a help content management system that dynamically publishes content based on users’ profiles.