CrownPeak has announced integrated support for Google's Open Social, Google Gadgets and a number of other social networking standards. CrownPeak customers will henceforth be able to build rich Web applications from within the CrownPeak CMS and share them on other sites including social networking sites like Facebook, Orkut and potential applications are limitless, but here's one from CrownPeak: "A city magazine publisher can publish a Google Gadget of the top ten rated restaurants from their magazine -- and their subscribers could include this content on their own portals, blogs, communities or social networking profiles." In short, CrownPeak-managed content can now be immediately included on numerous social networking communities. But there's more. Those wishing to build their own low cost social networking communities using sites like Orkut or Ning, can now use CrownPeak's Content Management capabilities to manage their community content. At the same time, they can continue manage community administration like subscriber lists, forums and user profiles through the Orkut/Ning interface. Those who want to create new or customized Google Gadgets or Open Social-based applications can also count on help from CrownPeak in building them. That's the official line, anyway... "We're excited to be working with our customers on the convergence of social networking and web content management," says Jim Howard, CEO of CrownPeak. "Our enterprise integration capabilities have separated us from the competition for some time. Extending these integrations into mashup-style applications offers great opportunities for our smaller and medium sized business customers to offer powerful communication methods very inexpensively." CrownPeak CMS delivers Web CMS as Software as a Service (SaaS). The company claims to be the first SaaS CMS developer this level of Open Social integration. So far as we can tell, they're right. With the social networking world getting more and more open, it looks like we will be seeing more and more of this kind of thing. Surely that's great for all of us, right? One nation under Google...? Interested? Visit CrownPeak.