Day enterprise web content management
Enterprise Web content management developer Day Software has launched Communiqué Advanced Collaboration (CQ AC), a Web 2.0 collaboration tool aimed at managing social media. The new collaboration technology integrates with the company's existing Communiqué Web CMS, and incorporates a host of nifty features run off an impressive-sounding Java driven, JSR-compliant bedrock. The new collaboration tool offers wiki, blog and calender functionality, and provides centralized management (via the smart JCR standard) for social media and metadata types.

Key Feaures

* Browser-based UI, with more AJAX than you can shake a stick at * CQ AC Wiki:Rich text Wiki editing (or standard Wiki syntax), wiki versioning and email notification of content updates ** content is organized in heirarchies ** attachments and images upload functionality ** search facility ** users/permissions defined in the (JCR) CRXtreme repository ** Extensible through plugins * CQ AC Blog: rich text editing of blog posts, different views for time-based events and RSS support * CQ AC Calender: create event schedules, different views including calender view and event heirarchy views * Central management of all collaboration features * Utilizes the hyper-efficient Java Content Repository (JCR) content access framework * JCR Compliant This correspondent is impressed with the sound of all this. As such, he didn't really need David Nuescheler, Day CTO, to say anything. But he did anyway:
"Today, companies face significant challenges in managing new social content, in addition to the content that already resides in information silos across their organizations. Day's new collaboration solution connects companies with the people that posses relevant information and feedback, enabling businesses to streamline management of their social media, while delivering the brand control and consistency required by our blue-chip customers."
You had me at JCR, David. You had me at JCR...

About Day Software

Day Software is a Swiss company set up in 1993, and which runs out of Basel and Newport Beach, CA. Customers for their CMS and Content Infrastructure products include top European companies like Deutche Bank and E-Plus, as well as further-flung monsters like General Electric. The company won plaudits in April following the release of their innovative CQ DAM digital assets product.