Design a Pligg CMS Template, Win Some Cash Money
Calling all theme developers! How would you like to make some easy money?

Pligg (news, site), the self proclaimed "social publishing CMS" is holding a Template Design Competition. Placing third will score you a US$ 50 Pligg Pro gift certificate that can be used at the Pligg Pro shop, second place will fatten your wallet by US$ 100, and first will get you a whopping US$ 300 in cash money.

To determine the top 3, judges will run the designs through two voting processes. Members of Pligg LLC will begin by generally voting on all submitted templates. The second round will consist of a point system to determine the quality, originality, and overall design. Each criteria is equally weighed and will have a possible value of 10.

Pligg understands the time and effort it takes to create a template, so they're also giving away a US$ 20 Pligg Pro gift certificate to qualified template authors that submit what they feel is both unique and well designed.

You can submit a design from now until October 11th and the rules for submissions can be found here. Happy designing!