Design for Dough! WordPress MU Plugin Contest is On

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Design for Dough! WordPress MU Plugin Contest is On
Calling all you fame seekers! The WordPress (news, site) MultiUser plugin contest is officially open for submissions.

Every year WPMU.org challenges all participating authors to put their skills to the ultimate test. Winners take home the glory of being in the WordPress spotlight, plus a fair amount of cold hard cash. Today the pot is at US$ 1,000 but team WPMU is still seeking more donations to add.

The rules are simple:

Learning Opportunities

  1. Make an awesome plugin and upload it somewhere on the ‘net (WPMU recommends WPMU DEV http://wpmudev.org/)
  2. Register as a contributor at WPMU.org and write up your plugin for general consumption.
  3. Vote. Wait. Vote. Wait. And while you’re waiting make sure you vote.

In addition to traditional WPMU plugins the contest also supports submissions for BuddyPress, WordPress MU’s new-ish bundled collection of extras specifically for social networking.

All submissions must be made by October 16th. For more information, including details on becoming a sponsor if you're in a charitable mood, redirect yourself.