digFast Offers Quick and User-Friendly Search for all
digFast is a start-up that offers data and web search for online companies at per-volume costs with the focus on non-technical users.

Digging for Data

Data is the lifeblood of many growing companies, and there are many big iron-age solutions for making it searchable. However, many companies only need something light and easy to manage for their search needs. digFast aims to provide just such a solution with its new database and full-text search tool aimed at Web-based companies.

digFast offers a range of search features including spell check assistance, root word finding, removal of common terms while results can be grouped and sorted for further investigation. digFast claims that it is suitable for a wide range of industries, including online classified sites, business directories, e-commerce, media and news portals, blogging sites, forums, social bookmarking sites, governmental sites, libraries and more.

The digFast technology is powered by the open source Sphinx full-text engine and is designed for rapid out-of-box implementation. It is compatible with most SQL, Oracle, XML PIPE and ODBC sources without the need for pre-configuration.

Indexing, search and administration functions are handled in a browser-based screen that requires minimal technical knowledge.


digFast takes the complexity out of searching data

For Searches, Big or Small

digFast will run just as well in a large enterprise as well small code web shops. It is scalable and can perform fast data indexing and search of massive databases. They claim that 10 million documents and 50 concurrent search queries is considered a routine task.

digFast scales both vertically and horizontally, meaning that it can make use of many processor cores and hard disks on one machine and can be distributed across different servers, depending on the type of environment it is employed in.

digFast's pay-per-volume pricing policy should make the product affordable for small-sized businesses as well. There is a two-week free trial to see if it fits your needs.

Pricing starts at £990 (US$ 1,487) for 200,000 documents, £3,990 (US$ 5,992) for a million docs in the middle, topping out at £12,990 (US$ 19,527) for ten million, with custom pricing above that level. Upgrades are available instantly online if you breach the ceiling of the current package.