Products in the simple CMS arena should be light, focussed, but still leave the user with a positive feel. How does now out-of-beta Viviti stack up?

Veni, Vidi, I Used Viviti?

Out of Canada  comes another new, nimble Web CMS. Viviti offers code-free website design and content management for free or at a minimal cost, for those who want a simple CMS and site without the admin/design hassles.

The hosted service offers a range of templates and stock functions or users can add their own components. The service is a part of Bravenet which offers a wide range of Internet and design services. Viviti comes on the back of their design experience and requirements for something accessible to the non-technical user. 

From Free to Fully Support

Viviti's homepage, naturally enough, is designed in Viviti, so you can see at a glance what it is capable of. There are plenty of video tutorials to guide users around the basics and the new features that are added on a monthly (or greater) frequency. The free account offers up to 5MB of storage and up to 10 pages but is unsupported and not even password protected.

The charged options range from US$ 5 to US$ 50 per month with various site and storage allocations, full support, domain options and ad-free. The forums do a decent job of offering support for all users and most basic questions are answered there.

Viviti is looking to add multiple user support, guestbooks and forums, polls, shopping cart, over the coming year to round out its offering.


The themes allow a distinct style for any site

Built For The Non-Techie, Supports Designers

For bloggers or really small companies, with no technical resources, creating a site is really no different than making a blog. Even the act of adding a video or Google map is just a couple of clicks.

Dynamic content like Twitter feeds, image galleries and forms can be similarly added -- just paste in the link and set any variables like post counts and it's all done.

Those with design skills can create their own themes, run sites for clients and create search engine friendly links.

Easy Up and Running

Making a site is a matter of signing up, choosing a template and adding your content. Text is added via a WYSIWYG interface.

If you need to create a store then there's a PayPal option for customers to pay and most other commonly used content types are available as options.


There are options to add the most common types of content

Among the gamut of competing systems, Viviti cites WordPress or SiteKreator as rivals. We can see it in the same vein as GetSimple or Zimplit.

It is hard to think of one that is easier to interact with. Sure, there are more with a wider range of features or advanced options, but none of those are needed to get to grips with Viviti.