Meet Yet Another Simple Web CMS: GetSimple CMS

This week's release of GetSimple CMS (site) is the latest in a line of simple web content management systems that underlines a trend suggesting that micro CMS creators are not just going to lie down for the "biggies."

Simple CMS, Small Budgets

Behind all the posturing is one of the harsh economic realities of CMS life -- companies are looking for easier and cheaper ways to manage their content as IT budgets get squeezed. It is unlikely that a company that is trading on five continents and in twenty different languages is going to have much use for a simple CMS system like GetSimple, but there are companies that just might. They are probably mostly small to medium businesses. 

All Bells And Whistles

An XML-based product, GetSimple CMS uses mySQL database. Project's developer Chris Cagle says modestly that the CMS contains all the features anyone could want in a website and nothing that they don’t need.

Here are some of the features:

  • An easy-to-use UI that is said to be the culmination of all the best features from other light content management systems thrown together and refined
  • An Undo feature for just about every function on the site
  • Streamlined and customizable theme functions
  • Total installation time from starting FTP to setup procedure completion of five minutes.

Nearly All Bells And Whistles

As you would expect there are many other features that come with GetSimple, but in the rush to get this to market there are other features the lack of which would cause some worry.

Learning Opportunities

And how do we know this? Easy, its in the roadmap. Amongst the features that appear to be missing and which are due to come online at a date in the future are:

  • Multilevel page hierarchy
  • Plugin capability
  • Main Menu nesting for sub-pages
  • Administration panel theme changes
  • Code clean up

Whether these are functions that people who buyinto GetSimple are prepared to put up with is anyone’s guess, but we expect them to be taken care of sooner rather than later. But from tiny acorns grow might oaks and all that.

Hyperactive Simple CMS Market

The simple CMS market is bubbling with activity. As of late, many vendors, including BizCom, PageLime, Zimplit, CushyCMS and Digitalus(among many others),have produced upgrades to their products with all the fighting talk of a boxer that just won’t be beat.Only this week, BizCom unveiled v2.5 of its simple content management system, while Estonian CMS builder Zimplit has had not just one, but five upgrades since January,which surely earns it the title of “UpgradeKing.”

Likely we’ll be hearing more about GetSimple CMS soon, especially if the roadmap is anything to go by.