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  • 5 Must-Read Web CMS Reviews

    How much work goes into reviewing and selecting a web content management system for your organization? A lot. We know. Now we can't help you define your specific needs or map out your usage scenarios, but we can provide some insights into several potential options. Here are 5 must read

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  • Meet Yet Another Simple Web CMS: GetSimple CMS

    This week's release of GetSimple CMS (site ) is the latest in a line of simple web content management systems that underlines a trend suggesting that micro CMS creators are not just going to lie down for the "biggies.

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  • Digitalus CMS Cuts Down Confusion, Risk in Templating

    For boutique content management vendors like Digitalus CMS (news, site ), flexibility comes comparatively easily. There are no multiple corporate hoops to jump though, and development cycles seem to be moving a bit faster (which can also turn into a double-edged sword).

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  • Digitalus CMS: Open Source and (Mostly) Simple

    Digitalus CMS is a fairly new player in the simple CMS market. Their first open source Zend/PHP-based version 1.0 was released in August 2008. Recently, version 1.5 came out and caught our attention with new features like simple globalization capabilities, web-based installer and the 960 Grid system page layout management.

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  • Digitalus: A Web CMS Built on Zend Framework

    The Digitalus CMS aims to empower PHP developers to create content on a solid, simple and extendable content management system that is based off of the widely popular Zend Framework. The Digitalus CMS is a relatively new CMS that was released a few months ago.

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