With help from the Oregon State University Open Source Lab, the infrastructure team and association for open source web CMS project Drupal got some significant changes made to Drupal.org - which, in recent months, has become a bit laggy as its popularity builds.Among other improvements, Drupal.com now benefits from the following: * More RAM, courtesy of community donations to the Drupal association. The master database server now boasts 8GB, and each of the three web servers hosting .drupal.org now have 4GB * Squid, a reverse proxy cache server, for cached pages and images * Integration of memcached for in-memory object caching * A better tracker patch for more relevant tracking results * An upgraded database to two master and slave database servers, using MySQL 5.0 (a conscientious update from 4.0). The project is expected to improve more still in the next few weeks. Drupal fans and aficionados are invited to check out the Drupal Infrastructure list or make a donation. If you're feeling particularly helpful, patch away from where you comfortably sit, young Padawan. The Oregon State University Open Source Lab thoughtfully assists Drupal over the long-term by hosting it, and donating to the project en masse. In other recent news, SpikeSource released its most current iteration of its SpikeIgnited offering for Drupal (specially suited to v5.1), tested and certified for both Windows and Linux. Doesn't that just light your fire?