Ektron Closes 2009 With 38% in Web CMS Sales Growth

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Ektron Closes 2009 With 38% in Sales Growth

Ektron (news, site) released some of its 2009 financials and announced sales growth of over 38%. That’s about the only number released by the privately-held Web CMS vendor, so now onto the end-of-year highlights, of course.

As we told you last year, some of the biggest achievements for Ektron were the release of version 8 of CMS400.NET along with some known in the industry geometrical magic.

Learning Opportunities

Also in 2009, Ektron decided to take Professional Services even more into its own hands and gathered about 50 people together for the job. Without, however, leaving the partners hanging. “Ektron’s professional services organization helps AKQA ensure the successful delivery of web solutions to our clients, and is more evidence of Ektron’s commitment to its partners’ success,” said Douglas Smith, technical director at digital agency AKQA.

The company also reported expansion in the U.K. (where the camp was set up in 2007) and APAC markets with a goal to acquire more customers in those regions in 2010.