Ektron Offers Full Services for Web CMS

Ektron has a really good .net Web CMS. At least so says Gartner, KMWorld and Inc 5000. So why would they want to go and add a slew of professional services that may possibly take away from their ability to provide a quality solution? Probably because they know their customers need more than a good piece of technology. They need to know how to properly implement it to support their business requirements.

And so Ektron's Complete Services Solution was born...

Professional Services aren't new to Ektron exactly. They have a comprehensive Web Project Methodology and RAMP strategy (Risk mitigation, Adoptability, Maintainability, Performance). The new services are built upon these core services and have been designed to support Ektron's customers through the complete process of implementing and supporting CMS400.Net content management system.

Ektron's Service Portfolio


The new portfolio of services is completely end-to-end, including:

Consulting and Implementation

Ektron has a Professional Services Group (PSG) who are obviously very familiar with their Web Project Methodology. This group of engineers can assist with any phase of the project and provide the following types of project deliverables:

  • Functional Specification
  • Implementation Guide
  • Project Management Plan

These resources can also be provided on an as needed basis to supplement your own team and provide professional guidance on all aspects of the implementation.

Best Practices Services

The Best Practices Services team is generally made up of the best engineers that can help you during any phase of your implementation and after. You will get an assigned resource who will know your project in and out.


Ektron has now decided to host your solutions for you as well. This is not a SaaS-based solution. Rather you host your entire implementation within Ektron Data Centers. This includes both shared and dedicated hosting. Some of the features that may make you consider this option:

  • Top of the line brand name rack-mounted servers
  • Ektron Certified Developers and System Administrators
  • Flexible bandwidth options allow you to ramp up when needed
  • Live, U.S. based technical support
  • 24/7/365 network monitoring
  • Climate-controlled and secure data center
  • Redundant high-speed Internet backbone connections
  • Power backup contingencies

Training Programs

Finally, Ektron has a number of training programs designed to help your organization implement and support the Web CMS from both a technical and business perspective. Classes can be held at your offices or at Ektron training centers in Nashua, NH and San Francisco, CA. End-user training can be customized to match your own implementation.

There are three specific tracks: Certified Developer, Certified System Administrator and End-user Training.

Is End to End the Right Way to Go?

Maybe it's the need to hedge their bets during this rough time. Offering a wide range of services in addition to their Web CMS seems like a good idea, but could stretch the company farther than it may really want to go.

Most of the services make sense: training and consulting are no-brainers for any Web CMS vendor. But the hosting...a lot of work and a lot of money...not sure that's something anyone (other than Microsoft) can really afford to get into -- unless of course it's in the cloud and you are offering a true SaaS solution.

Hmmm..a true SaaS Solution from Ektron. Maybe that is what's next in the cards for Ektron. Stay tuned...