Ektron CMS400.NET v7.6
Ektron, a Web CMS vendor, released feature-packed Ektron CMS400.NET version 7.6. Many of the new features and pricing structure changes were made to improve performance and affordability. Other new features like multisite support ensure that the scope of Ektron is virtually unlimited.

New Features and Upgrades

Ektron's CMS400.NET has gone through the works. The latest additions and upgrades will ensure that the product remains competitive while offering the user a more efficient and personalized experience:* URL Aliasing: SEO-friendly URLs are an important part of Web CMSs these days, and now they are automatically generated with CMS400.NET. These aliases are also cached by CMS400.NET, so there is also a performance boost to be experienced.* SEO Site Checking: SEO, in general, is difficult to evaluate and accomplish without viewing the guts of a site. Now, the SEO Site Checker will make things easier for marketers. W3C compliances, rankings, keywords and descriptions and more is now included.* eSync: The eSync system allows for users to easily update, change, or deploy a website of any size. Moving a single page or an entire site only requires a single-click.* Personalization: Developers can now easily build applications, widgets and more with Ektron's framework to provide users with a more personalized experience.* Multisite support: Many sites can be managed, scaled and launched all from the same solution.There are other features like document management and social networking functionality that is also available through CMS400.NET.

Packages for the Masses

Ektron, the trend setter that it is, is making an effort to improve their products and make them more affordable. Small- and medium-size businesses need their CMS fillings too. Ektron also has an enterprise-level customer base that it needs to cater to. This is why the company has revised its pricing structures to better accommodate various types of users.Pricing for the standard package starts at US$ 5,000 and goes up to US$ 30,000. All other packages come at an additional price.The three deployment packages are standard, professional and enterprise. The standard package offers core functionality like blogs, forums, polls and surveys, but also includes features like taxonomy, search and Smart Forms. The professional package includes all of the features of the standard package, but adds document management and social networking components while providing a better personalization options and URL aliasing. The enterprise package provides the best of Ektron's CMS400.NET and includes functionality like multisite and eSync support.Clearly, the future is bright for Ektron, and the improvements keep building. Anyone interested in learning more about Ektron and CMS400.NET can interact with a demo of the product or download a fully functional trial.