New Hampshire based Ektron, has recently updated their popular eWebEditPro+XML web-based editing component. Of note is an enhanced API, giving developers further abilities to manipulated data and behavior in server-side code. eWebEditPro+XML integrates with Web content management systems and other Web-based applications to enable non-technical users to create “smart” forms and capture and validate data based on specific criteria, all from a browser window.“Developers consider XML static. But in the real-world you need XML to be dynamic, so that’s what this is offering to the user - dynamic interaction between the editor and the Web application," said Bill Rogers, CEO, Ektron, Inc. “The enhanced developer API allows developers to change events and execute rules against the data. Developers can centrally control and manage items that appear in drop-down lists - creating them once so they can be reused in other “smart” forms. This enables more control over content choices and eliminates re-creation of lists,” added Rogers. Ektron’s eWebEditPro+XML is a component that integrates into many Web applications, including content management systems and other applications. It offers out-of-the-box validation options and supports custom validations; spreadsheet-like calculations; calendar controls and more. Related: Browser Based Rich Text, HTML, XHTML Editors Ektron Releases CMS400, ASP.NET Web CMS XMetaL 4.5 Accelerates Critical Web Content Creation, Reuse