Ektron (news, site) still has its sights on the enterprise market and bigger brands that they want to serve with their CMS400.NET Web CMS. But to fry bigger fish, one needs a bigger boat (among other things).

Inking a New Partner Deal...

Ektron’s new vehicle to getting closer to larger deals and bigger brands is a new partnership with Solsbury Partner Group, a managed alliance consulting firm.

Solsbury prides itself in having the advantage of a group of Principals, who have about 40 years of combined experience in industry alliance management from Accenture, PwC, HP, CA and other companies.

With Ektron’s biggest and most successful implementations done by partners and system integrators (SIs), Solsbury can open new doors for Ektron and give the vendor “instant credibility” with big agencies like Accenture, MRM Worldwide and Razorfish, said Tom Wentworth, VP of business development.

...While Keeping Everyone Happy

Does that mean that Ektron’s current small-ish SIs will be abandoned? Ektron’s answer is “no.” EKtron will still be supporting its partners via its own Professional Services through training and support.

Ektron’s founder and CEO Bill Rogers said that they've learned a lot of lessons while building a set of services to support partners, and will continue to support the existing partner ecosystem.

It would make sense to keep smaller partners happy, while discovering bigger opportunities. Will this new direction give current partners (some of whom have expressed their dissatisfaction with Ektron’s partner relationship practices in the past) a comfy, fuzzy feeling? It's going to be interesting to see how Ektron will do on the bigger fish market.