Ephox (news, site) is moving along with its recent acquisition of WebRadar, as the company releases the next version 2.0 of this web production experience and web content intelligence tool -- with special nods to IBM Lotus Web Content Management users.

What's WebRadar Used For?

WebRadar is a tool for monitoring content and content processes. WebRadar 2.0 has a clear mission of providing web content intelligence and insights for companies using Web CMS.

Ephox acquired the WebRadar product line from Web Presence Architects in January 2010, inspired by the product's ability to:

  • Find the bottlenecks in a content management process
  • Discover which pages are expiring in a particular timeframe
  • Discover which of their authors are actively using the system
  • Find which pages are assigned to which authors
  • Reassign workflow processes for multiple areas at once.

What's New in Version 2?

Building on their partnership with IBM, Ephox has released a reporting solution specifically for IBM Lotus Web Content Management.

Using WebRadar 2.0 IBM Lotus and other Web CMS users can:

  • Analyze workflow processes
  • Resolve any issues in content processes
  • Work in an improved GUI
  • Improve productivity of website authors and administrators.

One of the improvements in the GUI includes a new dashboard that provides a quick look for administrators at the state of their content -- what is about to be published, or soon to expire -- accompanied by charts visualizing WCM processes.

Also from the dashboard, you can get to the most recently used or most popular reports.


WebRadar Dashboard

Another recently added feature is customizable reports and new reporting capabilities. One of the customization features allows to search for information based on metadata.

Next step could be exporting a report into MS Excel for easier sharing with users outside of the web production system.


WebRadar Reporting

Other new features in WebRadar 2.0 include a multi-edit wizard if you want to re-assign content management tasks, change expiration dates, or extend campaigns.

Ephox is offering WebRadar for a quick try now, but the full version won't be available until August 30, 2010.