EPiServer Continues Its US Expansion with New Partners
EPiServer (news, site) has been working diligently to spread its Web CMS love throughout the world via partnerships with a handful of digital agencies and consultants. From the U.S. alone, Imano, Kohorts, Level 2 Marketing Group, Lightmaker, Orckestra, Oshyn, MarketNet and Yoodle are just a few that have recently latched onto EPiServer’s platform.

The rapid expansion has been made possible in part by EPiServer's  U.S. office, which opened its doors last June. At the time, the company reported more than 2,500 customers using EPiServer CMS around the globe. With even higher present numbers, it looks like EPiServer has found a way to compete in a cutthroat market.  

“Companies worldwide are seeking to improve their connections with customers, partners and the community at large on the web," explained AJ Harring, President, EPiServer U.S. "This shift towards a more engaged web creates a tremendous opportunity for EPiServer to expand its global footprint. Our flexible, cost-effective platforms enable EPiServer and our partners to uniquely address this need for customers by creating compelling online experiences that enhance brand, foster customer loyalty and drive revenue, helping them more efficiently turn website visits into sales.”

EPiServer currently delivers its platform through a network of over 330 partner companies in 30 countries. Their offices are located in the United States, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, The Netherlands, South Africa, Australia and the United Kingdom. 

If you'd like to jump on the EPiServer bandwagon, you can get started here