EPiServer Opens U.S. Office

After what seemed like much deliberation and preparation, EPiServer (news, site) has finally announced its official U.S. presence.

There is a good chance that competitive temperature is going to rise in the North American web content management market.

Continued Growth for EPiServer

We’ve mentioned EPiServer’s Americas expansion plans on a number of occasions before. But today it is official. The web CMS vendor found its home near Chicago, in Oak Brook, Illinois. Coast-to-coast service will be conducted primarily from the headquarters, where the U.S. general manager is located.

The company reports business growth by more than 50% in the first quarter of 2009, boasting an already existing roster of American customers.

Around the globe, the company reports more than 2,500 customers using EPiServer CMS. There is a good chance this number will continue to grow, as there’s still room for growth in the seemingly crowded U.S. CMS market.

Competition represented by the likes of Sitecore and Ektron should watch out for EPiServer Web CMS with its “Web Engagement” focus and the social media platform Relate+. It is not a good time to be quiet.

Hit by the Third Wave of Euro CMS Vendors

As put by CMS Watch, we are in the third wave of European CMS vendors hitting North America. The two prior waves were reasonably successful. This one holds promise as well.

EPiServer has been operating from its Swedish HQ since 1994. It was only a matter of time before EPi would have to broaden its business horizons beyond the oversaturated North European web CMS marketplace.

While the future looks optimistic, we should exercise caution and due diligence, as we did with all previous Euro waves. We all know it may take years for a European vendor to find its ways in a new market and figure out how to do business the American way.