EPiServer Opens U.S Office
The Swedish WCM vendor EPiServer is finally making it to our side of the pond. Exclusively, our contacts at EPiServer told us the company is actively pursuing an ASAP office opening in the U.S. Watch out, competition! It is all going to be done the “EPi way.” Which means starting up in new markets in a “lean way,” until there is enough business to go full throttle. Function-wise, the .NET-focused EPi is planning to start in the U.S. with, of course, sales. So, if you think you can sell Web CMS, the vendor is looking for a Sales Manager. The current EPi CEO used to be a CEO for Pointsec in the U.S., before moving to Sweden. So, he may explore some sales prospects of his own. Hurry up! Geographically, EPiServer is looking either at the appl-y New York City or the windy Chicago. I, personally, prefer Manhattan views (looking out of the window). Chicago, however, may be a good central EPicenter point in the middle of the country. In addition to the Sales Manager, there’s also an opening for a Technical Sales Engineer with Product Support team to follow. The direction it grows (or not) from here is hard to predict at this point. Hopefully, with a new partner recently signed on in South Dakota, things for EPiServer will take off in a jiffy. We recently gave you an overview of the latest version of EPiServer’s Web CMS software, when they released the second installment of CMS 5.0 R2. And, of course, we plan to give you even more insight into EPi very soon.