James Robertson and the CMS gurus of Aussie services firm, Step Two, are offering a one-day seminar providing a vendor-neutral introduction to selecting a content management system (CMS) that is right for your organization. It offers a non-technical, no-nonsence, approach to identifying business needs, and evaluating vendor products. The seminar takes place Wednesday, July 21st, 2004 at the Griffin Hotel in Canberra Australia. For many organizations choosing their first CMS, the marketplace is daunting, with almost a hundred vendors and products. Without the right knowledge, distinguishing between these options is not easy. The Step Two seminar provides a practical approach that will assist you to identify your key CMS selection criteria and to investigate the marketplace for products that best match these needs. A must for all those involved in the decision-making process, this seminar reduces your business risks and empowers you to make an informed purchasing decision. Topics Covered
  • introduction to key content management concepts
  • determining CMS goals
  • overview of CMS functionality
  • identifying content needs and issues
  • specifying CMS requirements
  • determining key selection criteria
  • developing a CMS tender
  • evaluating vendor products
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