eZ Publish 4.2 Released, Focuses on Usability, Scalability and Performance

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eZ Publish 4.2 Has Officially Arrived
Well, we said it was coming and now it's finally here. eZ Publish 4.2, the most updated version of eZ Systems' (news, site) open source CMS, was released earlier this week. 

Complete with a new Edge Side Include (ESI) integrating extension called eZSI, eZ Publish 4.2 focuses on usability for both end-users and editors, as well as scalability and performance. Let's take a look:


The usability focus is illustrated by a new version of eZ Flow, an eZ Publish extension that enables users to create and manage portal pages through the implementation of a constant content flow to visitors.

Media Carrousel, Google Map geolocation, Online users, Last Commented content and Search blocs are among options for eZ Flow users and come with a range of templates and functionality.

Admin has been bumped up as well, allowing editors to control the content flow from the management interface.

Integrated perks also include a built-in content rating feature for visitors, and word is that editing with the eZ Toolbar has been made easier as well. 

Scalability and Performance

eZ tells us that there are two very important updates in this area: the new DFS Cluster system and the previously mentioned ESI support

The DFS cluster system allows the native deployment of eZ Publish on several servers using a shared file system. Unlike previous versions of the CMS, this means all those complex server settings can be tossed to the wind. This particular update is good news for the likes of online publishing companies who handle a high volume of output on a daily basis. 

Learning Opportunities

For those not in the know,  ESI is a markup language used for dynamic web page assembly and delivery, making it possible to assemble pages from blocs requiring different refresh rates and update frequencies.

eZ's new support of the language translates to a boosting of the creation and management of Digital Media portals and their home pages.


eZ Publish 4.2 comes with various other gems aimed mostly at search capabilities (integrating eZ Find), and system wide improvements:

  • Predefined templates for eZ Publish and eZ Flow: These interfaces can be used as is, and are also delivered as examples that illustrate faceted search technique. Developers will be able to customize and extend the examples to build searches structured specifically to their project and metadata.
  • Elevate support: Elevate support is provided in addition to the already existing relevancy tuning solutions that eZ provides. With Elevate support, users can orient traffic to their most impressive content, or even implement a sponsoring model with business partners whose content receives increased traffic. 
  • Indexing and search granularity: Provides improved search relevancy, and enabling efficient search on localized and translated content.
  • eZ Core library:  The long-awaited library is here. eZ Core Library provides organization and layering of Ajax developments onto eZ Publish. Additionally, this version will unveil a beta version of the eZ Publish CMIS Library.  

Moreover, eZ Systems claims to be capitalizing on "the significant progress made by the Microsoft Platform in managing and running PHP based applications." That is, 4.2  is positioned to provide support for projects which implement the Microsoft platform.

Altogether, the newness offered in version 4.2 makes a pretty weighty package. If you've been standing by ever so patiently as eZ teased and teased, get the the new release here and tell us if it was worth the wait.