The Web 2.0 era has started a mildly manic movement of enterprises seeking to get as intimate with customers as they possibly can, with a monitor planted firmly between them. Fatwire seeks to streamline that relationship with Content Server, a kind of go-between for Web 2.0 consumers and CMS geeks.Content management developers, whose work in a way acts as the connecting link between the entity and the consumer, have a curious responsibility in this new 'net world to turn highly individualized media like weblogs and social networking platforms into organic vehicles for creating conversations between consumers, who in their hyper-individuality, grow all the more demanding, and businesses, which seem to be growing all the more needy and confused. To assist us toward our noble ends FatWire just released some spiffy new tools for, yes, stimulating the Web 2.0 visitor experience. With their handy dandy Content Server your 'net-savvy company can create blogs, more efficiently gather feedback, seize and swap consumer-generated content and build online communities that are essentially wrapped around your company and tailored to its particular culture. The new social computing modules focus primarily on blog technology, which is Web 2.0's favorite son. Designated admins can create new blogs off the fat of old ones and blog owners can easily post entries and control the comment process. Readers are better equipped with improved comment and search functionalities, and users can easily add whatever content appears on your site to their profiles in addition to the usual item tags, bells and whistles. And to add a practical aspect to an otherwise totally-qualitative project, you can add fields in existing pages or create totally separate form pages for polls, surveys, registrations, reviews, testimonials, and whatever else you think you need to demonstrate to the world that you, indeed, are wedded to your consumer. And let's not forget the marketers! Marketers are better able to send personalized email campaigns and provide offers to customers. And in case you're not sufficiently technical, which most marketers (admittedly) aren't, the Content Server InSite Templating Feature does exactly what its name suggests: it assists in designing unique landing pages for visitors who arrive via email, PPC ads, banners or even offline media. All these snazzy solutions appear in FatWire Content Server's Version 7.0, which comes out in the first part of 2007, but existing FatWire customers can start downloading now. FatWire Software provides content management solutions for websites and applications. They've been around since about 2002 and boast an impressive list of clients.