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We briefly talked global expansion when we met with Yogesh Gupta, CEO of FatWire some time ago and he hinted that the market in the 'States was going to remain FatWire's priority for the time being'. Not least, he explained, because there were just as many bad Web solutions at home as abroad. But it looks like he was blind-siding us, because all of FatWire's big moves lately have been on the global stage. A new President of International Operations was appointed a couple of weeks ago - Mark Bridger - to oversee activities in EMEA and Asia/Pacific. Just before that, the company tied up a big deal with Clarion to run its burgeoning global Web presence (in no fewer than 30 languages.) Before that, another big deal to run D-Link's multilingual European Websites. The trend continues with the news that FatWire has just acquired Australian firm Future Tense. Future Tense is a reseller, which had exclusive rights to sell and distribute FatWire products in Australia and New Zealand. The cited rationale behind the move is regaining direct contact with customers in the region; inheriting Future Tense's distribution channels and customer contacts, through the retained co-founder Bill Prescott, won't hurt either. FatWire's global presence now runs to offices in 10 countries, which serve 450 customers, reporting back to headquarters in Mineola, NY. FatWire builds the Content Server Web CMS solution which so impresses Clarion and those other guys. Go on over to check them out.