FatWire Content Server
These days, in the age of information and paper overload, any time someone can make something easier, faster and more efficient, I am all ears. Seriously. And today the folks at FatWire have my complete attention. They have just announced the general availability of their latest Web Content Management platform, FatWire Content Server 7. So what's the big deal? The firm's newest release has jumped on the Web 2.0 bandwagon, vowing to make it easier for everyone to navigate, organize and socially contribute web content. That's a party line we can get behind. Those that use Web 2.0 software already are no stranger to the "tag" concept. With this newest version of Content Server, it's more user-friendly, and most importantly, user defined. While not exactly breaking any new ground this is a powerful and surely much sought after feature. FatWire's implementation allows each content manager to choose tags that make the most sense to them and apply them to the content they are managing. Additionally, tags can be slapped willy-nilly on a variety of content types, allowing them to be grouped just about any which way but loose. "With Content Server 7, FatWire is breaking new ground by putting content management capabilities into the hands of anyone involved with eBusiness initiatives, making it even easier for them to design and deliver engaging, persuasive online experiences," said John Murcott, Vice President, Products and Strategy at FatWire. The company claims that their "content management for anyone" motto means that: * Life is less frustrating for casual content contributors, as they can use familiar tools to contribute to the show * Staying on message is easier for marketers as they can gain more control of their companies public facing content, tailor visitor experiences by defining and targeting personas and segments, and leverage built-in tools to analyze visitor behavior * New participants and content contributes can be brought into the fold by enabling site visitors to create user-generated content in the form of comments, reviews, ratings, and discussion forums. * Developers and administrators can pry themselves free of the bottle's neck and spend more time doing the geeking they most love Taking the we love everyone theme one step further, the company now provides three different flavors content contributor/editor interfaces. # Something called the "Insite interface" is streamlined for use by anyone who wants to manage content and page layout from within the actual pages of the site. As you'd expect its a WYSIWYG environment and it allows users to add, remove and fiddle with content to heart's uh, content. Insite supports previewing changes, drag and drop of page components and interaction with workflow processes. # Something else called the "Dash interface" provides speedy access to daily tasks # Finally the "Advanced interface" (what, no slick name?), gives you, yes, advanced functionality and requires, yes, advanced skills. FatWire Software was founded 11 years ago and has offices in North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific. Their customer base includes J.P. Morgan Chase, Sony, and the Bank of China. And they've been long time buddies with Oracle. The company is perhaps most well-known for their content management and delivery solutions which are now being branded as "persuasive content applications". That's right persuasive.