FatWire Provides Content Integration Services

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Content management ain't easy, but as our saying goes -- it matters. Fortunately, companies like FatWire Software are making it easier to manage and access content across the messy, complex environments we often have to deal with. They have recently announced the availability of their FatWire Content Integration Platform as well as the beta release of the EMC Documentum connector to enable customers to more effectively manage content across complex environments. It has become necessary for organizations of all shapes and sizes to manage the customer experience via the web. In order to enrich a customer's web experience, companies often employ the use documents, images, videos and other types of content, usually in a series of disparate repositories. This various content must be quickly accessible to provide an optimal and relevant web experience, and this is where FatWire's Content Integration Platform comes in.

FatWire Content Integration Platform

The FatWire Content Integration Platform lets organizations quickly access stored content across the enterprise, publishing it to their public websites, intranets and extranets managed by FatWire Content Server. The solution employs strict enterprise standards for maintaining version control, access policies, and workflow applied to documents and content shared, and lets FatWire customers utilize Content Server interfaces to access content from throughout their various business silos for online use with minimal fuss.

Integration with EMC Documentum, Windows, and Unix

The FatWire Content Integration Platform also offers a web-services-based peer-to-peer content integration model for sharing and accessing content from EMC Documentum, as well as Windows and Unix file systems. It supports an extensive number of contenttypes including documents, audio, video, images and more


Here's a short list of features and abilities one can expect from the FatWire Content Integration Platform:* Maximizes the value of all types of content in an organization by allowing it to be easily used and re-used as needed online, regardless of where it is stored.* Secures deployment and publishing of documents stored in EMC Documentum to web sites managed by FatWire Content Server without having to leave the FatWire Content Server interface.* Supports company-wide content security, content management and content retention policies for all content types, even as they are used online.* Formalizes and enforces business processes used to access, review, share and publish content online.* Avoids duplication of content and reduces time and cost associated with managing and sharing distributed content."Content integration is critical to the success of our customers online," said Yogesh Gupta, FatWire president and CEO. "The launch of the FatWire Content Integration Platform and the Documentum connector offer exciting possibilities for using the web to reach across business silos. We will continue to build on the capabilities introduced today to help customers to better leverage their investments in content to deliver a world-class web experience." FatWire has been performing quite strongly, having reported 35 percent growth in total revenue early in the year. Their global business model has made for high implementation throughout the US, Europe Asia and Australia, and has also led to the acquisition of Australian-based reseller Future Tense, which further extended its market leading position.