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e-Spirit, the makers of FirstSpirit CMS (news, site), announced the second release of version 4.2 (4.2R2) of their Web CMS.

The first release of 4.2 saw light about a year ago. This time around, there are new functions, including support for Internet Explorer in the integrated preview of the FirstSpirit JavaClient, addition of new languages and full-text search for online docs and APIs.

Preview in Microsoft Internet Explorer

In FirstSpirit CMS 4.2, content authors can now switch between IE and Firefox to preview what their web sites would look like once published.


Multilingual Capabilities

Dutch language support was added to the FirstSpirit JavaClient, WebClient applications, server and project configuration, and server monitoring. That is in addition to the existing German, English, French, Spanish, Italian and Russian language support.

Full-Text Search and Data Filtering

The full-text search feature can be used to search online documentation and the FirstSpirit Access API. Furthermore, search results can be filtered by target groups (administrators, content authors, developers).

Another new feature in 4.2 is filtering and limiting of displayed search results. If a content author is working with large sets of data records, he/she can use this feature to display results in a more manageable fashion.


e-Spirit's Changes to Release Management

If you’re confused about e-Spirit's release cycles, you’re not alone. There have been several minor releases of version 4.2 in the past year. The vendor decided to clarify its new release management procedure as of this release version.

Instead of the traditional "build versions" that we saw in FirstSpirit 4.1, e-Spirit will be making “a clear distinction between two software version types within a minor version series.” There will be separate bug fix versions (handling minor corrections) and release versions that will include new functionalities.