Developer FlashMoto brings new features and improved stability to its Web CMS that lets developers create and manage Flash sites with ease.

For Flashy Sites

Flash, for all its recently-publicised fallout with Apple, can still be a force for good. Combine it with a decent Web CMS and users can create editable, attractive, unique sites. Recent entrant, FlashMoto is making some waves in the pond occupied by the likes of Yooba and CodeandVisual.

It has announced an update to last November's launch edition. In the new version 1.2 of its create-a-Flash-CMS package, it offers a host of features, smart templates that non-technical users can use to build their site.

Addressing critical Flash shortcomings will be top of any site creator's list. So, where SEO is important, an XML sitemap can be produced to keep search engines happy. Media players and uploaders have been improved for performance so that assets can be pre-loaded for quicker appearance of images and video, and smoother performance of the site.

All In the Details

Improvements on earlier versions include the ability to match the design of the control panel to that of the site, ideal for corporate branding.

Developers can also quickly put up an Under Construction page when work is being done on the site. They can add a favicon to help users better identify the site.

The creator application, as you can see in the video, is slick and efficient, allowing those without coding experience to get creative. It can be used in conjunction with any existing Flash site or content and uses ActionScript 3.0 support to help speed up development.

Flash of Inspiration

With a wide range of templates on offer, users could create a site quickly and use the menu and forms creators to build interactivity. Components can be used to add additional features.

While Flash is obviously at its strength with photos and animation, FlashMoto's features allow for rapid addition of news and other information pages.

FlashMoto is available at US$ 199 per license and users will need Adobe Flash CS3 and PHP 5.2.1 to get things up and running. Potential buyers can view a demo of the system here.