Flypaper Attracts More Collaboration with Adobe XFL Support
Remember when Flypaper (newssite) was pretty much the only Flash-based CMS we covered? Totally not the case anymore. And perhaps it's in response to increasing interest around this particular niche within a niche that Flypaper  has recently gotten a little flashier.

Though not immediately available, the company announced that it will soon bi-directionally support Adobe’s XFL file format. For Flash developers, this means seamless creation and sharing of content between between Flypaper and Flash. 

Come Together, Right Now

Flypaper has always been about allowing two fundamentally different audiences work together in a hands-on environment: clients and professional agencies. Such a goal is achieved by marrying online collaboration to real-time assistance, allowing clients to be a part of the creation process in a way that's not typically offered. 

Currently, those without tech, Flash or even much design experience period are encouraged to use Flypaper's fairly simple system to create, share, reuse and track content that the company claims
"rivals the interactivity and quality of custom Flash development." Unfortunately, these particular files have always been unavailable to share with Flash professionals.

Said professionals have been using the Flypaper SDK to import their custom code into Flypaper for use as components by non-technical users. The support for XFL will hopefully change this entire process.

With XFL support, it is anticipated that users with no prior Flash experience will be able to share Flypaper files directly with Flash developers for finalization. Flash developers will then be able to create components in Flash and *bam* that's it. Any additional code work they'd typically run into, they'll be able to bypass. 

“Our relationship with Adobe is very important to us and we see support for XFL as an exciting win-win for both organizations. It will give us the opportunity to jointly open up a world of advanced collaboration between Flash developers and knowledge workers,” said Pat Sullivan, Flypaper CEO. 

All Over Flash CMS

Like we said, this niche within a niche is growing. Just today we briefly talked about  Fuzzle CMS, Russia's new and simplistic offering. And let's not forget Yooba, the SaaS solution that may be just what you're looking for if installing Flypaper on your PC--or even hosting your own files--sounds like too much work. 

Then again, as far as we know Flypaper is the one Flash-based system that offers XFL support (if we're wrong then by all means, tell us so) and as we're sure you're all aware, mixing with Adobe is kind of a hot thing. 

So. If you're lookin' to kill some curiosity, check out Flypaper's free trial and let us know what you think.