Fooshy Web CMS
Sheffield in England is famous for stainless steel and the movie “The Full Monty”, but you may not have heard of Fooshy. Fooshy? Right. When I first heard, nay read, the word Fooshy, I swore that somebody must have made it up. But it’s there in the Urban Dictionary alright, and apparently means sleep, being similar to the sound of snoring. Believe it or not, Fooshy is a actually the moniker attached to a new Web CMS created by Illuminaries (now there’s a name I can live with), a software development company based in that city of steel, although Fooshy itself appears to be a separate company.Let’s face it -- when you’re creating a product for the internet you have to come up with a name that is unique, and this is becoming increasingly challenging, and will become more so as time goes on. But I digress. Fooshy is an inexpensive, feature-rich, flexible and easy-to-integrate content management system. And it's a creation which is aimed at the non-technical content lovers amongst you. It has been developed in a modular style, and is licensed by domain not by server, in order to cut costs.

The Core Product

Fooshy is built around the Microsoft .NET technologies, and Illuminaries claim that this makes it render pages faster than php or older ASP based systems. It combines content with a template to create the rendered page. No databases are required, so there are no additional license costs and few set-up complexities. Web designers can work with the white label template pages or design their own from scratch. The code generator creates most of the tags embedded in the HTML, for copy and paste into the template web page. You get a lot of facilities along with the software, free support, and reasonable priced support for website creation. Fooshy also offer online documentation and demos for potential customers. There is also the facility to copy the client’s website content into a new one, so that you can use Fooshy CMS without having to create a new website from scratch.

Features as Modules

The downside of Fooshy is that there are extra costs if you want to add a gallery, ecommerce options, or various other bells and whistles. The guys at Fooshy are aiming to keep the cost of their CMS as low as possible -- you can get started for just fifty quid, which is about a hundred bucks, and this sounds like a phenomenally good deal. However, if you want to build a fairly rich site, then the costs are going to sneak a bit higher.

The Target Customer

Fooshy is probably a good solution for those without technical skill interested in building a simple website at an affordable price, the idea being that a fairly dynamic, content-rich site can be created, without the need for any programming skills, in a relatively short amount of time. It’s supposed to be about as easy as creating a Word document. However, isn’t it the case that those without technical skill tend to get techie professionals or friends to help them out anyway? Fooshy’s clients are a reasonably impressive list, including medical groups such as The British Association of MR Radiographers and The European Socieity of Paediatric Infectious Diseases, as well as The Barbican Intranet and The Children’s Food Company. Overall, it is comforting to know that that there is more to Sheffield than silverware and middle-aged men removing their clothes. Fooshy is reckoned to be a good compromise of features, flexibility and complexity. Personally, I’m more the type to get my hands dirty with a bit of code, rather than go for Fooshy’s level of abstracted complexity -- and that's where similar but more hands-on systems such as Sitefinity, Umbraco or Kentico might might make me smile. But if a bit of code ain't your thing, then pop over and get a gander at Fooshy.