Asynchronous JavaScript+XML (AJAX) is cool. Ok, yes I'm a dork, but this whole light client web interface thing has deprived us of rich interfaces for many years. Naturally then, asynchronous interactions with web pages, well, are liable to generate a bit of excitement.If you're of the same mindset and don't dig Flash, then tune into CPAINT. Cross-Platform Asynchronous INterface Toolkit (CPAINT) is a true AJAXand JSRS (JavaScript Remote Scripting) implementation that supports both PHP and ASP/VBScript. Its also free, distributed under GNU GPL & LGPL and active on Source Forge.The ASP proxy implementation is a little dated, but before you ASP.NET heads shudder and walk away, let me say that you can port the ASP proxy to ASP.NET in about 48 seconds, approximately. Its only about 20 lines of code.Software: CPAINT ProjectCool Demo: Magnetic AJAXFor those interested in further info on AJAX, Jesse James Garrett (great name!) over at Adaptive Path has put together a really solid article.