Halogy's CMS (news, site) now offers a version for download to go with its free SaaS edition.

From Hosted

We last covered Halogy when it came out of Beta, almost a year ago. By using templates, existing ASP.Net sites and pre-built features, Halogy claims to let an inexperienced user create a site and Web CMS quickly. Now in public beta, anyone can sign up and give it a spin.

Extra features such as a store, forum, wiki and more can be purchased through the company's shop or you can get developers to spin their magic in AJAX and RSS for your own custom features. So, its not idiot-proof friendly or entirely free.

Version 1.0 was out in November of last year. One big new feature of that version was the branded reseller system that lets you or your company create sites for others, using Halogy with your own branding and charging system. In return for employing Halogy as the backend for other sites, you get the reseller site for free plus discounts and extras as a reward.

To Downloadable

If you want the security of a self-hosted solution you can now get Halogy's CMS available for US$ 99 or US$ 499 for a multi-site version. That includes 60 days of support and a one-year warranty.

In that time, the company has come out with full online documentation, a project management service called Project Bubble while updating the CMS. It requires PHP 5.2+, MySQL 5+ and Apache 2+ to run and uses the CodeIgniter framework. Users can still create free sites using the U.K.-based company's own service.

Offering an easy way to import static sites, cool templates and with modular components, it offers a slick way to create new sites, with the self-hosting option adding to the range of delivery methods.