Halogy Web CMS 1.0 Offers Branding and New Pricing Models
Halogy's CMS (news, site) is now out of beta, but remains free to use for the rest of the year. So, what's new in version 1.0?

Shining its Halo

Going from beta to v1.0 for any product must be a great time and Halogy (which is based on CodeIgniter) is celebrating by keeping its Web CMS free for the rest of the year.

In advance of interest in the now-full service, it is beefing up its servers in the U.S. and U.K., adding more power, storage and backup facilities.

One big new feature is the branded reseller system that lets you or your company create sites for others, using Halogy with your own branding and charging system. In return for employing Halogy as the backend for other sites, you get the reseller site for free plus discounts and extras as a reward.

Of course, all the incentives in the world are no good if the system isn't up to much. Will Halogy cut the mustard?

What's New and Improved

We've already seen that it can be used to create sites from scratch at high speed. New features for the full version are a CRM module, additional tags, and features for social networking including forums, wikis and event management facilities.



One of the templates available for quick site creation

When charges do kick in for 2010, the pricing model has seven levels. These range from a simple site with 1 GB of storage for free, up to Diamond at the top end which, for US$ 150 a month, gets you unlimited storage and users. There should be a level for most types of users somewhere in between the two.